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March Moves

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Spring is once again upon us, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it with the state the world is in now. March is supposed to be the season of new beginnings, renewed hope and freshness. Well it certainly doesn’t feel fresh either what with this unknown virus contaminating the world, and in the process causing us to hold off on any new steps we were looking to take. What it cannot do is stop us from continuing to hope and plan because, as we all know, this state of limbo we find ourselves in will not last forever and this scare too will pass.

The other thing we can do to keep with the flow of this season is to use this time to work on a more personal level of new beginnings, by going within and examining our strengths and weakness and see what needs improving or even changing…for as Gandhi once said: Be the change you want to see.

During this self-examination, you should also check on your reactions to this virus. Are you succumbing to the fear in any way, like stockpiling / panic buying for one? Well if you are then beware, for you are sending out the wrong signal to Source (or whatever God means to you) … a message that says: I am over-stocking because I am expecting to be affected.

What we are currently going through is no doubt a very disturbing situation, but do not let it frighten you because Fear could draw it closer to you…choose Faith instead (the other side of the unpredictable coin) as it is more likely to keep you safe from catching it. Remember fear and panic also lower the immune system, which then makes us more susceptible to this virus.

To a great extent I do believe everything happens for a reason, no matter how painful or devastating, and that every such episode offers us valuable lessons. Whether we choose to seek those lessons and grow from them or just give in to the situations is what really makes or breaks us. You have that choice and control, because it is obvious that we can no longer look to our leaders or country or those in authority to help solve our problems or make this world a better place for us to live. They have their own agenda and we don’t figure much in it (except at election time).

It is unfortunate that it had to take something of this scale to awaken many to this reality and the need for individual action to create a better world. This can be done through compassion and community spirit if we want to bring about the changes we want to see, not just within our homes but way beyond our front doors and porches.

The changes may take time to have a ripple effect because old habits and ways of thinking and being are hard to shake off, so is our version of what security means. But we really need to start making a conscious and united effort, as our lives are being greatly disturbed by the current level of growing chaos we find ourselves caught up in. Sadly it is also revealing to us the depth and extent of greed and selfishness that resides within many in our society.

At this point, I’d like to share the following excerpt – and perspective - from an article I read recently by Kim Gould, creator of Emergent Design.

Pandemics are ruled by the planet Neptune. In January 2020, Neptune shifted into a channel that includes the Gate of Blockages. Since then, the Coronavirus has blocked international travel and trade, crashed stock markets and devalued currencies.

Human Design (this is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, that has proved to be a valuable tool for human understanding) tells us that blockages can be caused by people who are consistently, exclusively and pathologically negative and influence and sabotage all attempts at progress. (Hilary Barrett I Ching, hexagram 12)

She goes on to say that the global spread of Coronavirus seems to be triggering something existential – the fear of death – and that this virus may be the last straw for many who have, till now, believed the authorities had their best interests at heart and would take care of them.

So what we need to try and do is push through this blockage and rise to a higher level. Keeping our vibration high will help keep the virus away. And the best way to do this is to not give in to fear and to stay positive, in addition to adhering to the medical advice on hygiene, avoiding large crowds, etc.

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