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Sekhem Healing



What is Sekhem Healing?

'You will only understand the miracle of life fully

when you allow the unexpected to happen'  - Paulo Coelho

Sekhem is an ancient hands-on-energy system, that has its origins in Egypt, and can be used for healing as well as for self-empowerment and development. The energy is channeled from the practitioner to you the receiver to support whatever changes you want to make within yourself – including breaking patterns that may be holding you back from moving forward and living a fuller life. Sekhem energy assists you to take responsibility for your self-growth and development in every aspect of your life, be it at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level of your being.

It can be described as a living light force that destroys what no longer serves you – such as outmoded thoughts and beliefs – to enable you to build on a better and stronger foundation, one that is more appropriate for you now.

When receiving or working with Sekhem Healing, the energy can give you the strength, courage, and/or support you need to make the changes you genuinely seek, to enable you to move forward in the direction you want to.

Please note: Sekhem is not a substitute for any Medical Treatment that may be needed.

What is Sekhem?
Colour Line


Sekhem Colour Line Therapy combines specific ancient Egyptian colours with Sekhem energy to reach deep emotional or long-term problems.

This is a higher aspect of Sekhem energy healing work. Energy is channeled from the Spiritual level of the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, to allow for greater healing at all these levels. This higher aspect of healing can expand the consciousness to new heights of awareness and spirituality – sometimes subtly and sometimes consciously.

Much like Sekhem Healing, Colour Line also helps to further strengthen your connection with your Higher self and the Higher realms.

In the words of Helen Belot: This Colour healing:


''Allows the individual to experience the intensified healing aspects of colour with all the senses fully engaged, which also allows for greater healing on all levels.


''This technique can heighten the awareness of the power of the energy and colour and take the individual to a different dimension to bypass the mental and judgmental minds and instigate healing on levels not previously reached’’.


Please note: 


To qualify for this healing


  • Clients need to have experienced the Sekhem Healing energy before OR  are on the spiritual path and actively working on their spiritual development

To learn this technique, you have to be an Advanced Level Sekhem practitioner 

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