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What is Sekhem?


Sekhem is a high vibration energy that was re-discovered in the 1980s by Helen Belot, Master Teacher in Australia. Evidence of the existence of Sekhem can be traced back to ancient Egypt, in the many scrolls and texts found within the ancient ruins and temples. These references were researched and translated by Anthropologists like Wallis Budge.

The Sekhem energy ‘destroys’ that which no longer serves you, so that you can build on a better and stronger foundation, one that is more appropriate for you in this life. It is a complete system of ‘Living Light Energy’, that is constantly growing and changing. Healing is part of this system, as it brings up issues, you are often aware of, to the surface, enabling you to deal with them with more ease and clarity.

The word Sekhem literally means ‘might’ or ‘power’. It is an all-encompassing energy that gives you the strength and courage to make the changes you seek in your life and move forward in the direction you want to more comfortably. The energy also bonds you with your Higher Self and the higher realms, as you journey along with it.

This is not a magical energy. You have to work with it, to play your part, through the self-awareness you gain from the healing sessions that the energy creates the space for, if you genuinely allow it to.

Sekhem also complements most  traditional Western and Eastern therapies and is a very safe treatment for easing discomfort pre- and post-surgery and the after-effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation.

Please note: Sekhem is not a substitute for any Medical Treatment that may be needed.


Sehkem Colour Line Healing

Sekhem Colour Line Therapy is a higher aspect of Sekhem Energy Healing as it works at the Spiritual level of the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, to allow for greater healing at all levels.

This modality combines specific ancient Egyptian colours with Sekhem energy to reach deep emotional or long term problems. It can also expand the consciousness to new heights of awareness and spirituality – sometimes subtly and sometimes with more awareness. Much like Sekhem Energy Healing, Colour Line also helps to further strengthen your connection with your Higher self and the Higher realms.

In the words of Helen Belot: This Colour Healing “allows the individual to experience the intensified healing aspects of colour with all the senses fully engaged, which also allows for greater healing on all levels. This technique can heighten the awareness of the power of the energy and colour and take the individual to a different dimension to bypass the mental and judgmental minds and instigate healing on levels not previously reached’’. 

Please note: This healing technique is only suitable if:

•    you have already experienced the Sekhem Energy Healing
•    and/or are on the Spiritual Path

The healing session can lasts anywhere between 1½ hrs – 2 hrs.
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