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Massage in Schools


Massage in Schools

This is a peer massage programme designed for children in schools; playgroups, etc., to help reduce stress levels, bullying and aggression. The children are shown creative ways of massaging each other through short stories. 

The massage takes less than 10 minutes of practice every day and when carried out on a regular basis in schools, it not only benefits the children but also the teachers, the school as a whole,  as well as the parents, because it helps to:

•    improve focus and concentration 
•    encourage learning
•    generate stronger sense of self & higher self-esteem
•    build social and emotional skills
•    result in greater respect for their peers and school property
•    create more harmony within the classroom
•    reduce stress in class for teachers
•    lessen violence in the classroom and playground
•    stimulate visualisation and creativity
•    improve relationships with siblings and parents


How Does it Work?

MISP incorporates into the educational system positive, nurturing touch, through creative mini massage, to enable all children to experience the positive effects of healthy touch in their lives. 

It is an innovative way for children to grow and develop in an open, secure and safe environment, learn to respect each other and recognise ‘positive’ touch.

The benefits are numerous, as the programme also increases the level of accomplishment during the teaching day and class management becomes smoother and easier. All this in turn results in more time for learning and teaching and cultivates well-adjusted and emotionally healthier children. 

The programme is easy to implement and once in place the routine only takes about 10 minutes. It is conducted in a safe environment (i.e. classroom) and the children are led by an adult to creatively massage one another, over clothes, and only on the back, neck, arms and head. 

MISP first started in the UK sometime in the 1990s to improve a child’s life in school. Today  it is benefitting schools not just around our country but also across the globe. 

For more details please visit www.misa.org.uk

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